Best Promotional Company and Best Leadership in the Youth Entrepreneurship Experience Program

Students majoring in Economics, Business, Accounting, and Financial Studies from our school participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship Experience Program organized by Po Leung Kuk Career Planning and Financial Education Centre. They established a student company called “Chillying” and went through the process of conceptualizing the company’s ideas, procurement, production, operating at a physical market, and completing financial settlements. They successfully won the award for Best Promotional Company, and the student CEO, Chan Lok Sum, received the award for Best Leadership.

Participants: 5A Chan Lok Sum, 5A Chan Suet Chin, 5A Wong Sze Wing, 5A Chen Ka Tsun, 5A Lam Lok Yin, 5C Tse Wing Yiu, 5C Li Shing Kit, 5D Sit Yu Hong, 5D Yau Chu Ming, 5D Wai Kiu Chi

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